Shine On

These are shower hooks. However, they aren’t just regular run of the mill shower hooks. No. These shower hooks were individually hand painted with clear nail polish. They were individually hand painted with clear nail polish to give them a high gloss finish to ensure they shine. They need to shine so they can match the other high gloss accessories in the beach-themed bathroom. The beach-themed bathroom will be unveiled soon. Until then, enjoy the shine!

Cottage in the city

A good friend of ours bought a house this spring, and C. and I offered to help her decorate.  We painted her kitchen, living room, and bathroom, bought and re-purposed furniture, and decorated all on a $500 budget.

Check out the results.

Living Room before:

Living room after:

Living room before and after again:

We found these four chairs (for $40) and the table (for $30).  After a couple coats of paint on the chairs and table and some new upholstery on the seats, they were completely reborn.

Chairs before:  This is with a coat of primer.  They were originally brown, but I forgot to get a picture.

Table before:

And after:

Kitchen before:

Kitchen after:

Simple proof that all it takes to transform a space is some elbow grease, a patient eye on Kijiji, and some imagination.


Today’s Treasure

Scott Barnim pottery. I coveted this piece, along with the matching tureen, through the window of Details for weeks on end. I finally ended the torture and bought it. It’s uniqueness, beautiful colours and shape are exciting and inspiring. I have it placed on my bedside table so I can enjoy it each morning and night. This piece is not your typical milk or carnival glass, although beautiful in their own way; It is special and it is mine.